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Sheltair Aviation partners with Elegant Living Tampa

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Make no mistake, women of wealth are reaching new heights. Women control $11 trillion dollars in assets and make up 21% of the C-level positions in the United States, according to McKinsey & Co., with both those numbers on the rise. In fact, Chief, a C-suite private membership network focused on connecting women executive leaders that launched in 2019, has 12,000 C-level members with 60,000 women on a waiting list.

Professionally and personally women are stepping into their power, and that includes chartering private jets and purchasing planes for their business and personal travel. At a time when the airline industry is unstable and flying commercial presents a host of challenges — including regularly cancelled flights, over booking, and crowded terminals — women are seeing the benefits of putting their money into private aviation travel.

No one knows this better than Lisa Holland, president of Sheltair Aviation, the nation’s largest privately owned aviation service provider network. While most FBOs (fixed base operators) and private charter companies focus on marketing to men, Lisa sees the number of women purchasing planes and flying privately increasing exponentially.

Recognizing that women have earned and deserve their own special attention, Lisa has partnered with Elegant Living Tampa Bay, which has created exclusive Wine, Women & Wealth events to gather women of high-net worth in unique, luxurious venues to network and be exposed to private aviation options, yachts, and luxury cars, all while enjoying fabulous champagne, wine and fine food.

Lisa agrees that many women can afford the best in life and deserve the same attention men have enjoyed for decades when it comes to being exposed to luxury brands and experiences. Sheltair’s partnership with Elegant Living Tampa Bay will continue to bring Wine, Women & Wealth events to FBOs throughout Florida. Events already have taken place this year at Sheltair's world class facilities in Tampa and in Orlando, and plans are underway to hold a third event before year’s end and four more in 2023.

The sky’s the limit for women of wealth, and Sheltair Aviation is leading the way!

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