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About Tracey

As Director of Business Development for duPont Registry Tampa Bay, for the last two years I got to explore the Luxury Living Lifestyle and share it with our affluent readers.


I wrote a Wine Girl Column, Travel Articles and adventure pieces for the magazine and website.

My focus is always to Bring Luxury Brands to Life through storytelling and exposure on various platforms.


Tampa is my home, a smaller cosmopolitan city, located near the beaches of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, where I can be outside all year round and engage with interesting people, movers & shakers, and cheer on my Championship Sports Teams.

I created 'Giving Back with Zack' a program where Zack, a 14 year old, interviews Professional Athletes about their career and their charitable work off the field. This combines my two passions of Sports & Philanthropy.

DB Adventures is a book series for kids in 4th to 6th grade with a curriculum that I wrote and developed, teaching kids about Social Enterprise. It is currently being used at Electus Global Education.


Throughout my career I have written articles for regional and national publications, blogged for various websites, written 3 books, conducted workshops and trainings across the country and Hosted a Radio Show.


As an entrepreneur, I started my first business while in college, and went on to create several very successful businesses in niche markets.

I believe in win/win relationships, finding solutions for problems and inspiring and empowering others.  


Thank you,


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