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Lisa Patel

Lisa Patel is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in pageantry, sports, promotion, management, and entrepreneurship.


She has made a significant impact in the promotional industry, using her creativity and expertise to help businesses increase their visibility and reach. In marketing, Lisa has a strong background in logistics and operations, managing resources effectively and streamline processes. 

She is also an entrepreneur, using her experience and skills to run her own successful business called The Agencii, while working with Tasty Tampa, Elegant Living Tampa (Wine, Women, and Wealth), and The Savory Scoop. 

Lisa currently is the Marketing Director/Part Owner of Tasty Tampa. She strides in creating a community where food lovers are getting the absolute best taste of the food scene in Tampa Bay. The Savory Scoop is a Podcast group of women who share meaningful conscious conversations surrounding mindset, wellness, and nutrition. 

Lisa's ambition and love of service have given her an advantage in everything she does.  She looks forward to what the future holds and is grateful for the life she leads.

Feel free to reach Lisa at 828-773-7747. 

Helpful Links:

IG- @lisagpatel

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