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Women In Wine

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Established by Bill Foley in 1996, Foley Family Wines is a portfolio of highly-acclaimed wines from some of the world’s greatest vineyards. Every brand in the company’s portfolio has a distinct style and legacy.

Two Women at the helm of Foley Family Winemaking:

Courtney Foley, Second Generation Vintner

Courtney has ten years of experience in the wine industry, holding roles in sales, production, winemaking, and distribution. Joking that she joined Foley Family Wines when she was born, Courtney now collaborates with site managers in all facets of the business to ensure the family vision and focus on sustainability and quality production are prioritized throughout the organization.

Sarah Quider, VP of Winemaking

Sarah joined Foley Family Wines in August of 2020.  Her role as VP of winemaking is to support the winemakers at various wineries within the Foley profile by providing leadership, guidance and support to elevate the highly-acclaimed estate wines in the Foley Food and Wine Society. Prior to joining Foley Family Wines, Quider oversaw all the winemaking at three different facilities at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery for 25 years.

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St. Francis Winery
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Hall Winery


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