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Elegant Living TB Logo White.png

Experience the Luxurious Life of Tampa Bay
and Beyond

Discover Elegant Living in the Tampa Bay Region & Beyond through

Fine Wine, Adventure, Luxury Real Estate, Travel and Wealth.

We curate VIP Events for Women of Wealth to enjoy the best in life. With our relationships with fine wine purveyors, plane & yacht charters, luxury car dealers, financial service experts and high end brands, our CFV members are treated as VIP's and have access to our personal concierge, every step of the way.


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Tracey Serebin is the Founder of Elegant Living Tampa Bay, a luxury lifestyle company that is focused on the women of wealth demographic.  She hosts VIP Wine, Women & Wealth events across the state of Florida and the northeast, and launched the Cuvee Femme Voyage membership group for high net worth women.


As a serial entrepreneur, Tracey has created several successful businesses throughout her career, seeing niche markets that are underserved, starting with a balloon delivery business while attending college at USF.


Tracey is a trailblazer, a national speaker/trainer, she's written articles for numerous publications, and is a published author.  Her latest book, "Preparing For Heaven," a memoir, is being released soon. 


Thank you,Tracey

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