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Creating a Bucket List and Doing It!

Have you ever created a Bucket List of places you wanted to travel to, experiences you wanted to do, or adventures you want to take? This website is a collection of bucket list items as I go and explore life.

I have had a Bucket List for years. But what hit me last year, with the Pandemic, when everything was shut down and people were un-expectantly passing away, is that Life is Too Short!! I had so many items on my bucket list that I kept putting off.

I should know how short life can be, because my husband died un-expectantly at a young age, and there were so many activities and trips we had discussed doing, that he never got to do. Regret is a hard feeling to life with.

Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today!

Which is why I plan on going and doing some of those activities NOW before there is no tomorrow. Time moves by so fast these days, and years fly by before you know it.

Many of my big travel plans will have to wait awhile but there are still a bunch of activities that I can experience and check off my list throughout the rest of this year.

When my brother was turning 40, he wanted to run a marathon and scratch it off his bucket list. My sister, brother and I have always been runners, but when he asked me to run with him and my sister, I had only been speed walking for years. Committing to running a marathon is a huge endeavor.

But I thought, here is a goal that I could accomplish with my siblings and check off an item on my list as well. At 17 years old I ran the British American Marathon with my cross country team, with a course that went from St.Petersburg to Tampa. However, I hadn't properly trained and I really wasn't ready for how long it was. It was a run, stop, jog, speed walk type of affair, and I felt like I hadn't really run it. I finished, so that was huge, but it was still on my list. As was a Half Marathon in Amelia Island, which my sister and I did a couple years later.

The three of us had a plan. Start training and do the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon first at the end of May, and then keep training until the race i6 months later in October. I ran both races with my sister, as we paced each other perfectly, and we completed the 38th Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC without stopping, and improving my time by 30 minutes when I was ran it at 17 years old.

One item checked off my list that I don't have to do again!

What is your Bucket List and what can you do this Summer, or make a concerted effort to accomplish this year? What do you want to go and do? What experiences have you been putting off?

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