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Elevating the Energy

Over twenty years ago, I woke up from a dream that was so clear. As I hovered between sleep and not being fully awake, I could see the vision that came to me and the letters that formed in my mind ~ W.I.S.H. Before I lost the vision, I got up and wrote everything down including the actions I was supposed to take.

I was to gather a group of five to six women together, hand each of them a journal and we would talk and write about their personal goals. In my dream, five questions were provided that I was to share and discuss. The space would have no judgements and whatever was shared in the room would be confidential. The gathering would be called W.I.S.H. ~ a Women in Spirit Happening.

In the past I had always thrown parties that were well attended, and I had to preface to the women I invited that this was a different gathering. It was invitation only and they weren't allowed to bring anyone else.

Before they arrived I bought a few bottles of wine, a cheese and fruit platter to munch on, and a journal for each of the ladies.

After everyone showed up, and they each poured themselves a glass of wine, we all gathered on the couches in my family room. I handed a journal to each of them with a pen, shared the dream that came to me and explained that there were no preconceived ideas of what would transpire. I was following my dream and we would see what was to happen next.

What was interesting was the enthusiasm and desire of each of the women, by the end of the evening, to continue this group the following month. So we all took out our busy calendar's and found a date that worked for everyone.

We stepped out of our daily life, came together from all different stages in our lives and we had meaningful conversations that caused us to think about our current life. Plus, the questions I started with, lead to other questions, and as they wrote in their journal, they were able to walk away with more ideas to think about until we got together again.

After gathering once a month for four months, the energy of the group collectively reached such a heightened level that it caused major shifts to occur in everyone's life, pushing them forward towards their desires.

As we all came together, focusing on personal goals, dreams and changes they would like to see in their life, the energy was elevated to push everyone to new levels.

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