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First Day in Barcelona

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Last night I dined at Restaurant 7 Portes, which was recommended by my friend, Chuck Hendrick and located two blocks from my stay. I’ll share the meal details as the food comes out. This restaurant is 185 years old.

The waiter recommended four signature dishes of the restaurant. I chose two and a salad. The Croquettes were interesting and the codfish was incredible. Great combination with the beans and the sauce.

Iberian ham crispy croquettes and Sra. Carme's cod with "alioli" mousseline. Cod baked in the over, covered with garlic mousse and accompanied by lightly fried tomato, onion and garlic with white beans.

I wasn’t going to do dessert, but with a name like Mr. Paco, how could I resist. I opted for the coffee and Grand Marnier. I thought it was a coffee drink. Nope - some coffee drizzled on top of the ice cream. And the sauce you see is the Grand Marnier.

Pretty fun. The restaurant lets you know if a famous person dined at your table. One day, my name will appear there.

The next day the sun came out and I started walking. The apartment is located along the main boulevard along the port. So this is todays start of my walk.

A glimpse of La Boquerio market. It has everything fresh food.

I stopped in to El Quinn, a well known restaurant at La Boqueria market. I had their specialty of fried eggs and baby squid. It was okay. There’s a peppery kick to the squid. La Boqueria is right on the main tourist street of La Ramblas. I won’t eat in this area too often. Food is expensive. This dish with two coffees was 24 Euros compared to last night’s salad, appetizer, main course, dessert and a bottle of wine that cost 89 Euros. Plus no one famous sat in my spot.

Onward to the next part of my adventure!

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