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I Love My Car ~ But I'm Not a Mechanic

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

My Lexus ES350 is like an extension of myself. I spend more time in my car, driving my son around, driving for work, going to visit relatives and traveling for my stories that if something were to go wrong with my car, my life would be put on hold. (which can't happen)

I believe in the saying, "take care of your car and it will take care of you."

But besides taking my car into the Lexus dealership every 5,000 miles for an oil change and a tune up, that is the extent of my automotive knowledge.

When I needed new tires a few years ago, I didn't want to make an expensive mistake. I was anxious about where to bring my car to buy really good tires at a reasonable price. I wanted a reputable mechanic that I could trust. So I asked around.

My good friend recommended Tire Kingdom in Wesley Chapel and to ask for Cody. When I went and spoke to him, my anxiety subsided and I found my automotive shop.

This past November, I knew I would need brakes and a new set of tires soon, so I decided to go into see Cody at Tire Kingdom to see what he thought, before I went away for the holidays.

In his normal fashion, he checked over my car and told me I had some time on both, gave me an idea of costs and allowed me to put a plan in place to take care of them in the next few months.

He was not selling me, or pressuring me into getting my car fixed right now. He was being honest, providing the service I needed and providing valuable information for me to make a decision. For that, he knew that I would be back when it came time to take care of my brakes and tires.

Life is filled with a million decisions, being anxious about where you bring your car for service shouldn't be. For service, honesty and value I will bring my car to the Tire Kingdom in Wesley Chapel from now on.

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