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Lisa Holland, President of Bay area Aviation network says the industry is changing

TAMPA, Fla. — A push to further diversity, equity and inclusion in the aviation industry is calling for more women to fulfill their roles.

(Katie Bull, Co-Founder of Speedbird Aviation, Lisa Holland, President of Sheltair Aviation & Tracey Serebin, Founder of Elegant Living)

Women in Aviation International said that this push is already bringing more women into the field, noting the enrollment for women in flight schools increased.

“Our goal is to encourage more women to get involved in roles in aviation,” said Stephanie Kenyon, Women in Aviation’s chief growth officer. “There’s a wide variety of career paths in the field. Aircraft maintenance technicians, for one, business managers, air traffic controllers, even astronauts.”

Kenyon said the overall goal is to make room for women in a historically known, male dominated field. This is something Lisa Holland, Sheltair Aviation’s President, said she agrees with.

“It’s been in my blood now for over 57 years,” said Holland. “I’m the next generation. My father’s 87. He wanted to take a step back and I fulfilled the role. I’m happy to say we’re creating a new generation.”

Holland took over the family business two years ago. Since then, Sheltair air was ranked the top fixed based operator in the country.

“Sheltair has been a part of the family since my father started the company in 1963,” said Holland. “Sheltair now handles all the charters for the Bucs and also the Tampa Bay Lightning.”

Only about 10% of women hold CEO or higher management positions within the aviation industry, but Holland says that’s changing.

Sheltair Avaition Tampa

4751 Jim Walter Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607


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