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Showing Off Your Best Self: The boudoir photography bonus

The so-called “boudoir photography” genre has grown quite popular in recent years, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to learn more.

Brides and grooms appear to have initiated the trend, adding sultry boudoir shoots to their wedding packages as a fun experience before the big day, or to commemorate this special time as a gift to their partner.

The experience has since expanded to women and men who view these portraits as a way to celebrate their bodies and reclaim themselves as they have experienced changes and milestones in their lives.

I spoke with Christina Barrett of Luxe Light Images Photography, who specializes in portrait and wedding photos as well as boudoir, for her insight into the trend’s popularity.

“Boudoir is a nod to beauty, sophistication and sexy,” she said. “People come to me when they are going through something in their lives. There have been big changes and they want to feel confident again and find a way to love themselves. They may need a ‘pick-me-up’ and a chance to remember that they are beautiful. Maybe they just had a baby, or they celebrated a big birthday, or just came out of a relationship.”

Both women and men have come to her for sessions, and for all of them, she says, posing for the photos is an empowering experience.

“A person gets to spend a half day of glam and fun with a hair stylist and makeup artist, sipping on Champagne while choosing the clothes to bring out their very best, and it internally boosts their confidence.”

I can totally understand the appeal. Our lives are filled with rushing from activity to activity — responsibilities, work, children, husbands, wives, or significant others. The last year has also caused tumultuous upheaval in our lives. We’ve been cooped up indoors, working remotely instead of with our coworkers, wearing masks everywhere we go, not having events to dress up for and not seeing the relatives that we love.

Who were we before all these changes took place? Are we the same person today we were a year ago? Or are we stronger? Who do we want to be going into 2021? Is there a part of yourself that you would like to reclaim?

When we are being sexy, it is usually for that special someone, or when we are feeling totally confident — moments that aren’t normally caught on film. Having a professional capture that aspect of yourself can create a mind shift and change how other people view you as well.

A boudoir photo shoot can be a gift to yourself or to a partner — a portrait that flashes back to how good you felt the day of the shoot and a reminder of who you really are., Instagram @luxelightimages

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