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Toasting to a Champagne Summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Most of my life I have created lists of goals and chased after them with laser focus. Once they are achieved, I check them off and immediately go after the next set, without stopping to savor the moment.

Over the last year I was intent on getting my son into the best high school for him, moving us to a comfortable place we could settle down in for the next four year, and put in place avenues for expansion in my career.

It has been an intense process, but through God's help, we were able to accomplish all of my wishes, and set us up for a wonderful next chapter ahead.

For once I decided to stop and savor the moment! This will be my Champagne Summer.

To celebrate the long, challenging road we have journeyed on to get here, and to toast bright, happy days ahead.

Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing after the future, or languishing on situations that happened in our past, that we don't acknowledge how far we have come.

Seven years ago, when my husband passed away from cancer, after a year long intense battle, my world was shattered, and my 7 year old son was beyond devastated. It's hard to see your life recovering from that type of blow.

Raising my son as an only parent has been challenging and very difficult. But today as I stand back and review where we are ~ I am very grateful for where we've landed, and that he is doing so well. He is excited about going on to High School in the fall and playing on their basketball team. And not only can I express my creative self in this website but I get an opportunity to explore other topics that I want to share with others.

So Cheers to the Next Chapter and for a Champagne Summer with Sunny days ahead!!

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