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Women of Wealth Celebrate

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

For centuries men have been negotiating deals and expanding their wealth while playing golf, going on fishing trips, hunting, or gambling. Now is the time for women to do the same while test driving a Ferrari, drinking champagne, flying on a private plane, skiing in Aspen, exploring Champagne France, or going behind the scenes at the Kentucky Derby.

After a year of hosting VIP Wine, Women & Wealth events for high-net-worth women, Elegant Living Tampa Bay has launched Cuvee Femme Voyage ~ The Best Wine & Wealth Adventure for Women, an exclusive membership program that takes luxury experiences to the next level.

In a short time, the program has captured the attention of women in the Tampa Bay region. Some of the first members to join are in business in male-dominated industries and are embracing the opportunity to socialize in luxurious venues with like-minded women.

More than a networking group, Cuvee Femme Voyage (CFV) provides women with extravagant experiences while exploring ways to expand their wealth and build their portfolios. Many members have said that they have found new friends and women to have fun with while away from work and life responsibilities.

A kick-off event was held at Ferrari of Tampa Bay where CFV members test drove the supercar and enjoyed Toscano Cigars and Encry Champagne. (All CFV events include award-winning champagne and wine.)

While the VIP Wine, Women & Wealth events have been held predominantly in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Orlando, we are expanding this month into Ocala at the World Equestrian Center and throughout other parts of the state and beyond in 2023.

Follow us on Instagram to keep up on the latest events. As women of wealth take ownership of their power and build a stronger network, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

If you are a woman of high net worth and would like to find out more about our membership, you can contact the founder at, to learn more.

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