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A Crowdfunding Platform for Kids

The founders of the World's First Crowdfunding Platform for kids are Kids! Three sisters, Kayla Serverius 14, and twins Keagan 13 and Ashley 13 Serverius came up with the idea a couple of years ago.

They were asked to create an idea that could change the world for a school project, and they came up with a platform for kids to have a way to make their dreams become a reality.

As budding entrepreneurs they have become experts at running a lemonade stand and selling other products, with their parents being supporters with the seed money needed to start their project. But what about other kids who don't have financial support from adults in their lives to start their own entrepreneurial project?

They wanted to create this platform for them, and give every young entrepreneur a voice.

The first thought was how to create a safe place for kids to gain an investment opportunity? The sisters told me that they did a ton of research and had a lot of help from their parents, other adults and lawyers, to become COPPA compliant.

This platform is developed like Kickstarter, in the fact that kids don't get the funding until their campaign reaches its goal, in a certain time frame. But the girls said, if they don't reach their goal, they do have a 2nd Chance Campaign to try again, which they help to promote on social media.

Kid Everest charges 4.9% to handle the transaction, which is the lowest percentage out there for a funding program.

While GoFund Me is more for charitable projects, their platform is designed for kids with entrepreneurial projects.

After working on all the pieces over the last few years, they launched Kid Everest in March of 2020. I asked them how many campaigns have kids ran on their platform so far, and Kayla answered that 20 kids have raised over $7,000.

Wanting to know what their goals are for 2021, they responded by saying they would like to become a Household Name, be the Main Place that kids share their ideas, have 50 kids on their website and raise $20,000. So with $7,000 already raised, they are looking to add 30 more campaigns to raise an additional $13,000.

Not only does this Platform have very cool campaigns created by kids with big ideas, there is also a Blog with very interesting and educational information for budding entrepreneurs.

I introduced the girls to Valor Global Online School, which is very entrepreneurial focused and has a whole class of kids creating their own projects already, looking for seed money.

Let's see if Kid Everest can meet their goals this year and I will be following along with them to check out how they grow!


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