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A Day to Remember Love

In 2022, Valentine's Day spending in the U.S. was expected to reach approximately $24 billion dollars. Celebrated on February 14th, it is considered to be the most romantic day of the year! Nearly $4.5 billion dollars was estimated to be spent on an evening out, and $6 billion is expected to be spent on jewelry.

These numbers are one of the reasons that some people say Hallmark created this holiday to make money. The same could be true for restaurants, jewelry stores, florists and candy manufacturers. This is what greeted me when I walked into a Publix Supermarket. The air was flooded with bright, heart shaped balloons and a variety of beautifully colored roses overflowed in containers upon my entrance.

It was a lovely sight to see. Almost as if Publix was throwing a party for all of their shoppers. Is Valentine's Day a day to spend money and show someone they are loved or, could it be a day focused on Love instead?

While many people regard Valentine's day to be a celebration of couples and their love for one another, this holiday could also be an opportunity to celebrate friendships, such as getting together for a Galentine's Event.

Love can be shared through so many different relationships.

Parents can plan an outing with their children to share their special bond and enjoy quality time without electronics involved, or rushing from one event to another. It provides a chance to share how treasured this relationship is.

But most importantly Valentine's should be a day to say I Love You to Yourself! It is a day that you can remind yourself about how unique, special and loved you are. Loving yourself is the most important action you can do, before you can truly love others. And you can reinforce that thought process by treating yourself on Valentine's day with self-care and pampering.

It is wonderful to be in a loving relationship with a husband, a wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend but loving yourself allows you to have love to share and be able to shower love onto others.

Did you buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to let you know how special you are? Did you get a massage, go for a facial, treat yourself to lunch with a girlfriend, meet friends at the end of the day for a drink, or go shopping to buy yourself a gift? What did you do that was special for you?

I bought a dozen beautiful red roses, added a yummy bottle of Cabernet for myself and planned a delicious meal to be spent with my son.

Love is in the air ~ savor it!

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