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A Happy Athleta Clothes Shopping Spree

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

After several Yoga sessions and a summer spent speed walking several days a week, I decided I could use some new exercise clothes. I wanted to find some pretty matching yoga outfits and training shorts. Which led me to the Athleta store at the International Plaza Mall.

Other stores that I had been to in the past didn't seem to have the styles that I liked in Yoga clothes. Their pants were either too long, or too thick, which is not really conducive in a 100 degree hot yoga class. And the training shorts I wanted seemed to be elusive.

I drove over to the Mall to check out the clothes in this store and was cautiously optimistic that they would surprise me with the styles and fabrics I liked. Wearing new clothes always gets me pumped up to go work out, and I had practically wore out the clothes I had.

Looking through the store, I immediately fell in love with several pairs of cropped tights that were made with soft, breathable fabric and a style that elevated my look. Athleta had several mix and match crop tops or sports bras that could go with the solid color or print of your choice, which made it easier when I found a style I liked.

Grabbing a few matching pairs in different sizes to try on, and a couple of crop tops, I then went in search of training shorts. I have been a runner my whole life, but over the last several years, I have felt most comfortable in compression shorts, similar to bike shorts. Due to the heat these shorts are a better fit with the sweat. With a nylon/lycra material it pulls sweat away from the body to the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate faster.

There was one rack that had several pairs of training shorts to choose from that were exactly what I was looking for. They were built with a high rise waist band and were sleek with supportive compression. I grabbed a pair of each of the colors available to see which ones looked better.

The black pair and a muted camo colored pair felt awesome on my body and had me feeling like I had finally found my 'go to' store to get exercise clothes for both work outs.

As I was chatting with the sales girl about the shorts and yoga outfits, she shared that they had many more options online. If I liked the training shorts I could buy different colors from their website that the store wasn't carrying.

Looking down at the pile of clothes in my hands I began sorting out which ones I wanted to purchase and which ones I wanted to put back, when the sales girl mentioned that right now they were having a Friends and Family event with a 20% discount on all clothes in the store, and if I signed up for their credit card today I could get another 20% off.

Well, isn't this my lucky day. My motto is, when you find something that feels and looks good, you need to buy it, otherwise it may not be around when you go back to find it.

I figured I was worth it, and put down 3 pairs of tights, 2 matching tops, 2 training shorts and a tank top to match the camo shorts on the counter

After she rang me up, with the added discount from signing up to get their credit card, I saved $160.00. Isn't the greatest feel in the world, when you find exactly what you're looking for and you get a deal as well!! Plus, I figured since this was going to be my new favorite work out clothing store, the credit card would come in handy.

Later, after I got home and put away my clothes, I checked out the brand online and found that Athleta's mission is to 'Ignite the limitless potential of all women & girls,' and they have Simone Biles as their Brand Ambassador. They also just started creating athletic clothes for girls as well, that were beautiful.

Mostly, I understood why I liked this brand so much, the clothes are made by Women for Women. So the designers get what women are wanting in fabrics that breathe with them. -- Located in the International Plaza Mall

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