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A Summer of Wine

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Wine is like a good friend that I get to share memories with and this Summer I shared a lot of memories with my 3 favorites ~ Champagne, Chardonnay and Cabernet.

I kicked off this Champagne Summer with my friend Randy at Olivia Restaurant in South Tampa to commemorate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another in my life.

Several different types of Champagnes were shared with my friend Peggy as we toasted my move into a house closer to her, celebrating Champagne Friday's (an old tradition that I decided was time to bring back into my life) and for any other reason I could think of.

We also celebrated the Fourth of July with a Rose Champagne that has became a new favorite. Rose Champagne bubbles tasted like a feminine twist to an old favorite and became a new girlfriend among my 3 C's.

Even beach time on vacation, had me drinking champagne with splashes of Orange Juice while relaxing on the beach overlooking the ocean, while under a tiki hut during a rain storm, and in my hotel room after a much needed massage at the JW Marriott Spa.

Or in the case of when I was out at the new Whole Foods Market in Midtown and saw my favorite Jordan champagne on the shelf, I decided that it needed to go into my cart and come home with me! Champagne Summer

Chardonnay's from many different vineyards became my 'Go To' on hot evenings and poolside weekends. Sonoma County always seems to pull me towards choosing their Chadonnay's, especially the ones from Russian River Valley. Their grapes seem to be lush, rich and fruit driven. They provide a deeper colored grape and more body.

Sonoma Cutrer is one of my favorites, but Simi Chardonnay became a new wine of choice this summer. Although, I have to admit, I am open to trying any Chardonnay's, especially when accompanied with a yummy charcuterie board that is shared with a friend.

Cabernets with their deep luscious fruit and full body taste is always the wine I choose when trying new restaurants, enjoying wine with steak, grilling by the pool, meeting up with friends, and while watching movies at night on the weekends.

My Passion for wine is found in Cabernet Sauvignon's and the desire to explore each vineyard and taste their creations. It's like going on an adventure, as I read the label of the bottle, talk to the wine maker, or visit with a Sommelier that has a story to share about that particular bottle or winemaker.

Every bottle and every Vineyard has a story that can be experienced by sharing a glass of their wine and tasting the time and love that they put into creating that particular wine.

I plan on continuing that Wine Adventure as the summer ends and we embark on Fall.

Labor day has always meant the last day of summer and fall is soon upon us. My girlfriend Diane flew down from New Jersey the week before Labor Day to celebrate the end of this Summer and kick off our goals for the next year. Rose Champagne was the absolute choice as two ambitious women hung out, caught up, got our nails done, went for facials and put out into the Universe our desires for the next 12 months.

As my son headed off to High School which started up the early morning rituals, and the long car line for morning drop off, it brought the end of summer into reality, and had me reflecting on this Summer of Wine.

I hope you had a relaxing Summer spent with family and friends, and enjoyed your own favorite cocktails while you created your summer of memories.

Good-bye Summer and Hello Fall.

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