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A Travelogue From Barcelona, Spain

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

For the next 30 days this is the view from my home in the Gothic neighborhood, next to the Port in Barcelona. It is a great view onto a square and the tip of the port area.

Since retiring from the City of Tampa, my desire was to spend a full month in Barcelona and immerse myself into the culture. I plan on exploring the city, eating true Spanish food at restaurants that located off the beaten path and walk at least five miles a day.

For the next month this is my home. After much research, I found it on an Airbnb. It is small but laid out well and nicely designed. Plus what sold me, is the view and location.

It is cool today, about 55 degrees and cloudy now, and for the next few days. But the sun should poke through over the weekend.

Today will be low key as I'm tired from the long trip, but I took a long walk around my place to familiarize myself with the area, and plan to have my first authentic meal for dinner.

Hello Barcelona!

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