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Disney's Coffee Partner, Joffrey's ~ Opens Flagship Store in Midtown

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

If you are a fan of the coffee at Disney World, you can now get a cup of that delicious brew here in Tampa, at the newly opened Joffrey's Coffee in Midtown. This will be their flagship location as they return to their roots in Tampa.

Joffrey's was my favorite coffee shop when they were located in Hyde Park, over 20 years ago. I would speed walk down bayshore every morning to grab a cup of their Jo and then speed walk back to my condo to start my day.

They closed that location and focused their operation on roasting and wholesale.

In 2012, Joffrey's was named the official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club and Disney Cruise Line. Since this partnership, Joffrey's Roaster Chris de Mezzo collaborates with Disney chefs to create dozens of blends in a specialty Disney Coffee collaboration

Some of these specialties can be purchased at the Midtown location.

When Joffrey's opened on a Thursday, I had to go there on Saturday morning with my son to check out their new space and get a cup of their famous coffee.

All decked out in their signature purple, it was bright and friendly, with windows wrapping around the building, overlooking the Aloft hotel across the street, and signage for the upcoming Ponte restaurant.

We ordered coffee, chocolate milk and their bacon, egg and cheese croissant breakfast sandwiches. While waiting for our order to be created, we found a table inside by the windows overlooking their outdoor seating area, which will be wonderful once this heat breaks.

The coffee was delicious and the sandwich was just what I wanted on a Saturday morning.

On open grassy area located between Joffrey's and another building under construction looks to be an open space for music to be played on the weekends in the future.

Midtown is turning into a vibrant location as new retail and food establishments open up each week. I can't wait to see it fully completed.

For now I can each lunch at Shake Shack, grab a coffee at Joffrey's and pick up a few items at Whole Foods before heading home.

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