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Wine Cellars as Art

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

While wine cellars continue to be a popular addition to any wine connoisseur’s home, many homeowners are choosing to turn their wines into art through the use of wine walls.

The same beautiful wine displays you see at your favorite restaurants can be incorporated into your home and add a touch of elegance to any room.

Lisa Gilmore designed two homes that featured wine walls with very different looks.

Our first clients were avid travelers who wanted their new home to feel as nice as the places they visited. They often entertained guests and wanted their spaces to be inviting and stylish with a neutral color palette.

We recommended black for the walls of the dining room with a glamorous wine wall. Rather than just a display, we wanted the wine wall to be an experience. Our team envisioned glass boxes that would act as "discovery boxes,” containing collectibles and conversation starters.

The client loved our vision and said, “The black wood paneled walls, gold cork board wallpapered ceiling, lighted glass discovery boxes, custom drapes, and large custom-made round dining table with upholstered chairs are all so dramatic and unique, it has been my favorite room from the moment I saw Lisa’s hand-drawn illustration!”

The final result has so much grandeur and has a wow factor.

Our second clients were moving to Florida after more than a decade living in Singapore where their style was all-white and minimal. The homeowners wanted a change - a home that was bright and colorful.

They sent us three paintings from their art collection for inspiration and gave us complete freedom to design their space. That gave us some insight into their personalities, and we took it as a green light to push the boundaries.

In fact, we converted the dining area into a space to display, store, and enjoy the wine the homeowner collects. The bottles were arranged like an installation, with each bottle being replaced with another after one is opened.

There are so many options when adding a wine wall or, in this case, a wine installation, to your home. Displaying wine as art allows you to see full bottle and label, and many wine walls even have a cooling system.

And, get creative with locations. Any space can be turned into wine display from a wall to a closet to underneath the stairs.

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