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GreenWise Market Opens on Water Street

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The Water Street Area, being developed in downtown Tampa, has been focused on wellness and creating a neighborhood supporting personal balance and professional growth. Having a GreenWise Market, which is Organic based, open at the bottom of the new Heron Residences, kicks off that philosophy.

Being a huge Publix fan and having purchased their GreenWise meats and other products, I was very interested in seeing a whole store created with 70% organic ingredients, items made without specific preservatives, flavors and colors, meats and poultry raised without antibiotics or hormones and their non-food products having an environmental claim on the packaging.

I drove downtown, past the grocery store and went to the parking garage alongside to find a place to park. It was very easy to locate a parking spot and take the elevators down one flight to the store entrance.

Coming out of the elevator, I am met by gorgeous groupings of flowers and carts to assist me in my shopping adventure.

Having this Market located in the bottom of the Heron Luxury Apartments is a huge benefit to the people who live there. This GreenWise Market has luscious fruit and vegetables to choose from and culinary offerings throughout the store.

My son, Zack and I were immediately pulled towards the prepared Sushi area and chose a few rolls and sashimi to take home. And right alongside that section is a whole TexMex Burrito and Bowls line up, which is another one of my son's favorite.

It is as if everywhere you turn, there is more desirable food offerings to choose from. The biggest decision will be what NOT to buy. If you keep walking around this one area of fresh foods being prepared for you, you come upon a whole aisle of other prepared food to be put in containers and taken up to your apartment upstairs for lunch or dinner.

Also in the refrigerators alongside the prepared food are single drinks to grab and go.

You can also grab a beer or wine, to grab and go, in the Pours section, where you would normally grab a coffee. This Market is set up so customers can sip when they shop.

What a Service!!

Especially located in the downtown area, right across from the Riverwalk. It had me picturing taking a picnic of wine, cheese, and specialty foods to walk along the river until the perfect spot appeared to sit and relax, overlooking the water.

I also loved seeing a whole wine refrigerator loaded with fabulous wines and champagnes to to choose from to pop open and celebrate!

Being a Wine Girl, this new market makes me very happy. While Publix has always been about service, their GreenWise Market takes it to the next level and provides the freshest, healthiest choices in a fun atmosphere.

GreenWise Market ~ 555 Channelside Drive, Tampa, FL 33602

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