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Reboot for the New Year

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Work and life responsibilities can easily require your 24/7 attention, cause stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed at times. This holiday season I was happy to see so many people taking a break, a vacation away or just unplugging for the week.

For me, I was exhausted from the year and all that got accomplished. I felt like I finished running a marathon and left everything I had at the end of 26.2 miles finish line.

Taking time to clear your head, shut down from work responsibilities, unplug from emails and just be in the moment with loved ones is priceless.

Sleeping in, not being on a schedule and going with the flow of the day, allows you mental and physical body to recharge.

In the afternoon of Christmas day, my son and I arrived at our hotel and he immediately hit the pool, as the weather was sunny, warm and gorgeous out. I decided to sit by the restaurant, overlooking the pool, order a glass of wine and start decompressing.

We spent the day chilling, relaxing and enjoying the day. Later in the evening I had made reservations at a restaurant close by for a Christmas 5 course dinner consisting of delicious, healthy and elegantly prepared to celebrate the day.

By the time 10:00pm came around, I slipped into a coma state and didn't wake up until 11:00am the next morning. And this routine continued for the next several days. Luckily my teenage son enjoyed the sleep as well, probably adding a couple more inches to his growing body.

My body and mind was craving this sleep! Not only is it self care to take this time for yourself, but it also allows you to become your best self with family and at work.

Nothing can be successfully accomplished if you are worn down, burned out or exhausted!

Taking time to Rebook is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Hopefully we all took that opportunity and are now ready to take on all the opportunities and adventures that come our way in 2022. I know that for me personally, I have a whole new list of goals to accomplish.

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