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Taking Back Your Power...

The real truth is you always had the power; now it's time to remember that and bring it back.

Here is how.

1. Take action before it's forced on you. We usually have a deep sense of knowing when something isn't working or when it isn't right, but we ignore it, or we stay out of fear, security or stability, or all 3. So, we stay and wait till we have no choice or the action is forced on us, which can take months or years from our life and our self-worth. Instead, be mindful of what you are feeling. If it's not working or healthy for you, start making a game plan of what you can do to change it. Take baby steps; just take action. Don't deny or ignore it.

2. Change is scary because it's an ending. We don't know what the next step will be or what the next day, week, or month will bring. It's the uncertainty, but with every ending also comes a new beginning. You will grieve and go through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Don't try to stop or ignore those emotions.

Sit in the space of fear, anxiety, grief, etc. It will pass. Everything is temporary. On the other side is a new horizon with new opportunities and possibilities. You can only get to the new by purging what no longer serves you.

3. You always had the power. If you look back on your life, you will see glimpses of your power shining through. It's the moments where you are vulnerable and authentic even though you were scared to be the true you. The times you were brave and strong, building resiliency. The times you were scared but took action anyway, times you were anxious but excited for the new.

Look back at all your setbacks, and in hindsight, you can see not just the survival but how you thrived, grew, and changed. You can see what you have learned and show you shifted into the positive.

4. There is no growth without struggle. Every struggle and setback is a teachable/learnable moment. The struggle teaches you to go deep inside yourself and find the power. The power to get through the day. The power to tell someone you need help. The power to self-disclose your deepest fears. The power to accept what you can't change. The power to take accountability instead of blaming others and getting stuck in a victim mentality.

Power to take the next step even when that step takes you out of your comfort zone. The power to stay true to your values, beliefs, and opinions even when no one agrees with you. The power to say no to others and yes to yourself. The power to love yourself even through the darkest times when you feel the most alone. The power to admit you are human and not to expect perfection or control everything.

What does finding your power look like?

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