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Wealth and Wellness

Updated: Jan 29

Our mantra this year is not only to create intimate environments, in luxury venues, for women to have conversations around wealth, ways to expand their portfolio and protect their assets, we also want to address wellness.

So many groups out there are focused on a woman's career, but we want to focus on the personal side of a woman's life. Dive into the topics they want to know more about and do it with a community of like-minded women.

Historically men have had discussions about ways their financial advisor made them money, a great attorney they should have on their team, investment opportunities, and ways to protect their family. We want to have those same conversations, while women are drinking great wine and asking experts questions.

The same is true regarding wellness. Women have a tendency to put themselves last and not prioritize their own wellness and personal desires. Now is the time to change that and to take a preventative approach. While many women have an exercise routine to stay in shape that is only one aspect of personal wellness.

There is the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of women that should be addressed as well. And tapping into an outlet for that will round out a woman's life.

Our kick off event for our members this year was held at The EDITION Hotel and Spa with a Wellness/Yoga event where we had a relaxing Yoga session, enjoyed a glass of champagne and was given a tour of the Spa facilities. Our partnership with The EDITION Spa will also allow our members to take advantage of their spa services, too prioritize themselves.

Creating a community of like minded women focused on personal empowerment is important at this time. When we all come together, the positive energy of the group elevates everyone. Women are craving connection and resources as they face the great transfer of wealth, retirement, taking care of aging parents, health concerns and achieving personal goals.

If you want to be empowered, have fun and connect with like minded women, contact us about our upcoming events and membership at

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