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Wine Cellars & Wine Rooms are now Glamorous Instagram Posts

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Luxury Real Estate Market in Tampa has been on fire since the pandemic caused an exodus of people out of the Northern States and California areas. According to Bloomberg Wealth the Rich are craving, for their next home, resort style luxury including Instagram worthy Wine Cellars.

Before the pandemic, wine cellars were a place to tuck your wine away. As I wrote in an article for duPont Registry Tampa Bay last fall, people started to convert unused space in their homes to create wine cellars as showpiece rooms.

I reached back out to Paul Wiezorek, co-owner of Cave a Vin, to see whether his business has slowed down now that people are going back out to eat, enjoying their happy hours and visiting with friends at their favorite hangouts. When I interviewed him before he said that he had 25 jobs going, but now he has over 35 under construction. His statement is that "Wine Cellars are not slowing down, if anything, the trend could be picking up."

With a low inventory of homes, and more people moving into the area, Paul is finding that people are purchasing a home and then repurposing formal dining rooms and formal living rooms to match their lifestyle, by converting them into wine rooms.

Here are a few of the projects that his crew just finished:

He is also finding that many of the calls he is getting now are people upgrading their wine cellars. They could have put a wine cellar in years ago and were happy just to have one. Now, with all the new racking and innovative materials, wine cellars are being upgraded with these new options.

With Cave a Vin, a client also gets the added expertise of creating a work of art. This one cellar that Paul just finished has bottles appearing like they are floating in the air. There is a special humidor space created within the wine room, with a wooden cigar as the door handle to access the humidor, and a wooden bottle of wine as the handle to open the wine room.

He said half of his jobs are moderate wine cellars with 300 to 600 bottles of wine, and less than 1/3 are not refrigerating cellars as much as creating a space for them to display their wine and have it easily accessible.

But 25% are repurposing a room for a wine cellar. He just finished creating a wine cellar for a house with 10,000 bottles of wine, and has several jobs with over 1,000 bottles of wine.

One client with a 3 car garage, took 1/2 of one of the garage spaces, and turned it into a wine room with a glass wall connecting into the dining room. Another client took a study that he wasn't using on the second floor and created a wine room.

As a contractor as well, Paul's team is creating wine cellars under stairways, developing wine rooms with tasting area's and building glamorous rooms in unused spaces of a home.

If you are looking to create a glamours Instagram Wine Cellar or Wine Room, I would recommend calling Paul with Cave a Vin to see what amazing area he can create for your wine display.

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