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Epicurean Theatre Opens Again

If you are an Oenophile or a Foodie, the best experiences are Wine & Food Festivals, Wine Dinners, Wine Tastings and Epicurean events.

The pandemic put a halt to all that fun and most of us made due by tasting wine at home, and watching Virtual Wine Tastings on our computer. While others decided to build out the unused spaces in their home into wine rooms or expanded wine cellars.

In my case, I launched the Wine Girl Column, so I could interview Sommeliers and Wine Makers individually, and report back to my readers.

Now I am happy to share that restaurants are now relaunching in person Wine Dinners.

Last week I attended the Supper Club event at the Epicurean Theatre, where 3 chefs impressed us with their specialty small plates and Winebow Fine Wine & Spirits, presented limited distribution wines to accompany the 6 courses.

It was a joyous occasion to not only kick off Culinary Events at the Theatre again, but Mainsail Lodging executives and Bern's ownership were there to celebrate the expansion of the Epicurean Hotel concept into Midtown Atlanta, opening up this summer.

The 3 Chefs showing off their cooking skills were Chad Johnson, Haven Restaurant, Adam Hyatt, Epicurean Hotel Tampa and Ewart Wardhaugh, Epicurean Hotel Atlanta.

For the Past, Present & Future Supper Club Event, each chef created 2 dishes that included Japanese A-5 Waygu Beef Nigiri with 2019 Ghost Block Sauvignon Blanc, a Seasonal Market Crudo with a 2018 Failla Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, a Pressed Chicken Thigh with 2019 Lioco Mendocino Pinot Noir, Chicken Liver Ravioli with 2017 L'Ecole No. 41 Merlot, Columbia Valley, a Bourbon Roasted Duck Breast with a 2017 Miner, Emily's Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley and for dessert a Banana Chiffon with a 2017 Emotions de La Tour Blanche Sauternes.

I was told by Norwood Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Mainsail, that they are partnering with Southern Culinary & Creative to develop Wine & Food events that will be outstanding.

With over 50 years of collective practice, Southern Culinary & Creative has expertise in creating and executing memorable experiences. More to come on that story!


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